Latest Talk Alerts

Our New Talk of Titusville Text Community allows anyone to sign up for individual ‘Communities’, pictured below.

Once you sign up, you can just reply with any of the categories you’d like to receive updates for.

Text Communities

Local Government
You’ll get once-a-week text on Monday with City Council Meeting updates, important Local issues, etc.

Titusville News
You’ll get a once-a-week text on Wednesday with the Latest Talk happening in Titusville

Titusville Events
You’ll get a once-a-week text on Thursday with local events happening in Titusville and North Brevard

Business Coupons
You’ll get a once-a-week text on Friday with the Latest Local Business Coupons

Launch Notices
You’ll get a Launch Reminder 5 minutes before a launch, with a livestream link

Major Incident/Crime
You’ll get a text whenever a major incident occurs that affects safety or travel issues that affect a large amount of people.