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Currently, one person runs this website, with the help of a few local residents who capture photos, videos, etc.

Hi 👋 My name is Michael. Born & raised here, I started this ‘platform’ in 2017 as a Facebook group, posting new stuff that was either being built or coming to our area.

Now this platforms reaches over 50,000 people a month, sharing what’s getting built, changes in local city laws, City Government news, new local businesses and much more !!!!

No matter what, I will keep doing what I’ve done for the past five years with this platform, informing Titusville and North Brevard residents of the Latest Talk, Events & Happenings

With your support, I hope hire someone part-time to help with online research, local articles, social media, etc. I never knew how much time and money goes into a website like this, but I still love doing it, and will continue to do what I love.

If you’d like to help support me with a monthly or one-time donation, I would greatly appreciate it.

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