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Brevard School Board Approves Increased Compensation for District Transportation Employees

In a unanimous decision during Tuesday night’s board meeting, the Brevard School Board has approved a plan to increase compensation for district transportation employees.


The decision comes as a show of appreciation for the vital role these employees play in ensuring students’ safe transportation to and from school.

BPS Vice Chair Megan Wright expressed her gratitude to the transportation team, stating, “This is a thank you for all that you do. We cannot get our babies to school without you and we celebrate with you. This is a victory.”

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The approved incentives, which are retroactive to January 5, 2023, and will continue through the last day of school on May 26, 2023, include the following:

  • $25 per run for drivers carrying extra students due to a split bus route. The amount is to be divided equally among the drivers involved in splitting the route.
  • $25 for all drivers required to “double back” for any uncovered routes after completing their first route. This does not apply to drivers with double backs on their assigned/selected routes.
  • $25 per run for routing, dispatch, and assistant supervisors when they are required to drive.
  • A one-time incentive of $2,500 for mechanics, assistant foremen, and foremen due to current vacancies.

To be eligible for the increased compensation, employees must be active on April 11, 2023, and on the date of the pay-out, which is expected to be May 31, 2023.

School Board Chairman Matt Susi also expressed his appreciation for the transportation employees, saying, “Thank you to all our bus drivers who worked extra and who filled the gap for our students. We celebrate your work.”

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