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City proposes new rules for trespassing on city facilities, parks

Last updated on February 13, 2023

In a newly proposed City Ordinance, City staff are recommending new rules that will allow City Staff members and others the ability to trespass anyone breaking a list of proposed ‘Facility Rules’, that will include City-owned or leased property and parks within the City limits.

The City Manager and his designees, county personnel, and law enforcement are authorized to take action if any person is suspected of violating federal, state, or local laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations, or the Facility Rules or any park rules governing City parks.

The City of Titusville says in the proposed ordinance that it is taking steps to ensure the safety of its citizens and the integrity of its parks.

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The following Facility Rules are conduct the City says will be prohibited within the interior spaces of all City facilities of the City of Titusville:
(a) Engaging in any conduct prohibited by federal, State of Florida, or City of Titusville ordinances, rules, or regulations.
(b) Smoking or carrying any lighted or smoldering pipe, cigar, or cigarette.
(c) Disruptive, harassing or unsafe behavior, including conduct which interferes with City employees or City officials in the performance of their duties, or interferes with the proper use of the City facility by others.
(d) Abusive or harassing behavior.
(e) Blocking entrances, exits, fire exits, access areas, or otherwise interfering with the provision of services or the use of City property.
(f) Entering or remaining in nonpublic areas without authorization. Areas inside City buildings, including offices, hallways, stairways, and elevators are open to the public only to the extent necessary to attend to City business, or attending a City-authorized function, event, or activity to which the person is an invitee, or attending a duly noticed public meeting. Otherwise, such areas are deemed nonpublic areas.
(g) Any act which could result in substantial risk of harm to persons or property.
(h) Disrupting City business, events, or other City sponsored or authorized activities.
(i) Laying down or sleeping in chairs, benches, or otherwise.
(j) Posting or affixing to City property without permission from the City Manager, or his/her designee, any signs, leaflets, posters, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, and written, pictorial or graphic material of any kind.
(k) Tampering with or unauthorized use of building or facility systems or devices, including electrical, plumbing, locks, doors or cameras.
(l) Remaining in a City building after posted hours of operation or after the conclusion of an authorized “after hours” public meeting or event.
(m)Failure to cease conduct specifically prohibited above immediately after a request by City staff to do so

This proposed ordinance will have it’s first public hearing at the City Council Meeting on February 14th at 6:00pm at City Hall in downtown. You can read the full Council Meeting Agenda Packet below

Michael Lynch
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