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City Council to Vote on Local Fire Fighters Union Agreement Tonight

On December 19, 2022, the City of Titusville was notified that members of the International Association of Fire Fighters – Titusville Local 2445 had voted 22 to accept and 8 to reject a collective bargaining agreement.

This agreement was negotiated with intent to achieve the goals set out in a pay plan study conducted earlier in FY 2022. The market data used for this proposal was reviewed by the City’s pay consultant and is reflected in an updated Firefighter Pay Plan.

Wages were adjusted based on years in classification as well as additional city experience. The agreement includes nine articles which cover promotions, grievance and arbitration procedures, tuition assistance programs, wages and duration.

Promotions will be determined by proposed position classifications consistent with the Chief’s reorganization plan; while grievances and arbitration procedures are also amended according to these new classifications.

Tuition assistance will now fall under personnel policies previously established by the City; while paramedics who complete sponsorship programs within two years of completing it must repay any associated costs back to the City if they leave before then – reduced from four years currently required for repayment.

Finally, wages proposed for FY 2023 reflect one half pay plan implementation plus COLA paid retroactively into first period of FY 2023; with parties agreeing that other unions receive their 2nd half adjustment prior to IAFF members receiving theirs too at such time as agreed upon later down line..

This Agreement is a three year agreement which intends to reopen wages negotiations as well as two additional articles during each year of its duration from here until 2025 when it expires officially

Read the new agreement below, which starts on page 105

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