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Titusville Police open Substation at Titusville High School

Titusville High School has opened a new substation for the Titusville Police Department on their school campus

Titusville Police said “this was made possible because of the hard work by THS Principal Jennifer Gonzalez and many others with the Brevard Public School system. This awesome gift just furthers our partnership efforts to provide for the safety of students and school personnel.”

This comes after a recent rise in violent student behavior at Brevard schools, from middle to high school.

Over 50 teachers, teachers assistants and bus drivers have left schools in Brevard after being attacked by students, fights between students, among other incidents that have left the School Board creating a new policy to help combat the violence happening.

During a recent meeting with the school board Sandy Edwards of Bayside High School said, “At times, we have to call someone to come to our room so we can go and have a little mini-breakdown in the bathroom. Others will just drop off their keys and their badges at the front office on their way out the door never to be seen again.”

“We’re actually going to be working with the NAACP to bring some of their pastors into our schools, to walk the halls, to work with some of our staff, to say ‘Hey here’s what Johnny has working at home and his parents and this is what the life’s like.'”

The new proposed “zero tolerance” policy would also ban cellphones outside of bags while students are inside school buildings.

“So what we want, is we want our teachers and staff to feel secure and be able to deliver their message in their instruction,” Susin said. “We want the students to be able to not be in fear of anything happening to them and be able to learn.

“Because right now, what we were running into, we had close to hundreds of teachers that were going to leave during Christmas break and we had to get the message out that we have your back.”

District 2 school board member Gene Trent says the district has a disciplinary policy in place and though board members may review it from time to time, right now, nothing’s changed. He says that would take a 60 to 90-day process at minimum.

“We hear the cries from the classroom, from the bus drivers, from the IAs in our classroom. This isn’t going to go away and we have your backs, always keep the kids’, students’ best interest at heart but we do have to keep our staff safe,” Trent said.

Michael Lynch
Author: Michael Lynch

Raised on the Space Coast, I want to keep North Brevard informed of what's happening. Send Tips / Story Ideas to TitusvilleMedia@gmail.com

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