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City Council Approves Density Change for 35 acre vacant land

On Tuesday, City of Titusville Council members approved a zoning amendment changing the density cap for a 35 acre property that is owned by Skyline Real Estate Properties LLC

In 2004, the two properties were annexed into the City with a total maximum residential density of 73 units. The property was subsequently divided into the present parcels and sold.

The majority of the area on the west parcel is zoned Open Space and Recreation and the majority of the area on the east parcel is Single-Family medium Density.

The original ordinance did not specify how the residential density should be allocated between the parcels.

Skyline Real Estate Properties, the owner of the east parcel, was requesting an amendment to Ordinance 30-2004 to remove the maximum residential density for both parcels

During the meeting, residents spoke out about the possibility of a development being built and expressed concerns about stormwater management and flooding, which occurs frequently with rain in nearby neighborhoods.

Following the approval of the requested zoning amendment, the owner will have to go through the normal process of development, which includes engineering for stormwater management and other issues brought up by residents at the meeting.

Michael Lynch
Author: Michael Lynch

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