Proposed Homes in Windover Denied by City Council

Last night’s meeting lasted 10 hours and 6 minutes, with residents showing up, mainly to voice their concerns on two proposed projects: a concrete recycling project and two homes proposed to be built on a 13-acre property in the front of the Windover Farms neighborhood.

But before those two projects were discussed, City Council approved a round of new and renewed contracts for vehicles, lawn care service, landscaping and more.

Here is what passed:

  • Approve application to Resilient Florida Grant Program for a $250,000 grant
  • Spend $428,423 on lawn care on city property for one year. JBs Lawn Control Inc
  • Approve 3 years of $7,500 per year of Debtbook Software for the city
  • Spend $197,052 over 5 years for Wash Rack Inspection, maintenance, and Repair at the City Garage.
  • $119,942.23 change order to Wharton-Smith Inc. for additional work at Osprey Plant
  • Purchase 3 vehicles from Duval Ford at a cost of $195,756.20
  • $85,197.60 to Duval Chevrolet for a Chevy Silverado 3500
  • $20,300 for 4 speedcheck signs to go in on Royal Oak Dr
  • $17,600 to extend Street Sweeper Contract
  • $35,000 spent on additional landscaping on US1
  • An ordinance allowing Adult Day Care Facilities was approved under some limited use zoning. Previously they were not allowed in certain areas. Now there will be an Adult Day Care allowed in certain zoning districts, including a proposed facility at Deleon and Park Ave, with specific requests from Planning and Zoning, which were not stated
  • Billboard Laws were changed. This deregulates some of the billboard laws in the city. The applicant came and spoke, this effects 5 properties along I95 with billboards. It sounds like previously if you had a billboard, the land couldn’t be used for anything

Independence Recycling, a concrete recycling plant requesting permission on Golden Knights blvd was also up for discussion at the Council Meeting. City Staff recommends approval for the project and the Titusville Environmental Commission suggested approval, as well as Planning and Zoning recommending approval, with conditions

Independence Recycling have agreed to all conditions. The applicant gave quite a presentation. The property owner brought in a lift and placed it on the sight to prove you will not be able to see the concrete crusher from US-1. They also brought in an expert witness.

After a deep discussion, Councilmember Stoeckle asked if they would be open to putting in a condition that they are only allowed to crush a few times a year. She would like to put in a restriction/regulation for maximum amount of work the company can do per year. 7 citizens came and spoke out against it. The applicant was able to come back and rebuttal. After extremely deep discussions, the concrete crushing plant was tabled for another meeting, not specified, at a later date. No decision was made.

Next up in the Council Meeting was the Windover hearing that started at 10:00pm. The applicant, Megan Wright, is requesting a rezoning of a 13-acre property at the entrance to Windover Farms neighborhood.

They requested the meeting with City Council to reduce the amount of commercial zoning on their property, reduce the amount of OR zoning, and increase low density zoning, in order to put 2 homes on the 13 acres without knocking down the trees.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended denial of the motion and Titusville City Staff recommended approval. Over 40 cards to speak on this item were submitted. City Staff stated that the proposed project met all City requirements for rezoning

Numerous emails to Council Members and a petition that was signed by over 800 Windover residents was considered for Council’s consideration. Residents expressed concerns over the Wright’s motion to change the zoning, stating that the Wright’s could build the proposed two homes on the property with changing the current zoning.

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Megan Wright stated that the zoning change was considered to allow the positioning of the homes

Mayor Diesel and other council members stated that they felt the proposed zoning change would not fit in with the current zoning for the surrounding area. The City lawyer advised Council members that denying the Zoning change might create legal issues in the future as the zoning change didn’t disqualify the owners from building the proposed two homes, and advised Council that they deny the LDR Land Use change citing the LDR is inconsistant with the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The City Council denied the proposed Light Density Residential land use change for the project.

I reached out to Megan Wright for comment on this article and did not immediately respond.

Breakdown of approved purchases written by Nathan Slusher

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