The 149 acre Royal Oak Golf Course & Country Club recently sold to Toulon Apartments MS, LLC, a real estate development firm based out of Brooklyn, NY for $4.5 million dollars.

The real estate listing says that a previously proposed redevelopment plan was to allow rezoning to the surrounding zoning use of R-1B, R-3, or Conservation Subdivision, with an estimated 300-400 home-sites potential with up to 15 acres of commercial in the village center or on the outside main corridors. R-3 zoning allows for a density of 15 units per acre, with potential for town homes, condos, apartments, assisted living, etc.

I reached out to the new owner for comment for this article, but have not received a reply as of this article

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History of Legal Battles
From foreclosures, to changes in ownership multiple times in the past 10 years, over $50,000 in liens from the City of Titusville and numerous other vendors that provided services with no payment from the course’s owner

In 2015, people who live along the course got some good news; the golf course would be fixed up. Workers who were hired to redo the golf course said they haven’t been paid.

Dave Sledd told WFTV he mowed 120 acres and he still hasn’t been paid for the work. “We had already finished the job when I realized we probably weren’t going to get paid. We were already done because we had two weeks of work in there, and that’s when they said they were having a problem with the investor and that they would have the money in a couple of days,” he said.

One of the men in charge of Royal Oak back then was Frank Johnson. Johnson said he could not comment to WFTV on the pay issues, but it was working to secure more financing.

Most recently, a local not-for-profit religious organization, Royal Oak Ministries, Inc. showed interest in buying the property to create a women’s center.

According to public records, Royal Oak Ministries, Inc. contacted the President of Royal Oak Golf Club, Neil Mahase, in November of 2017 about purchasing the property and signed an ‘Agreement’ to buy the property, all while the property was currently in a foreclosure lawsuit.

Talk of Titusville will always be free to access.
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Public records show that foreclosure lawsuit was settled in February 2019

Royal Oak Ministries decided to still move forward with purchasing the property and paid off over $60,000 in back property taxes, according to public records.

Public records also show that Royal Oak Golf Club, Inc. took out a $650,000 mortgage from a private party in 2019 and that private mortgage went into foreclosure in November of 2021.

Royal Oak Ministries, Inc. filed a lawsuit in January 2020 against Neil Mahase for his failure to complete the purchase. That lawsuit is still active, according to court records

Canadian PGA History
Many PGA of Canada professionals and touring pros used the club as a winter destination, especially during the brief few years it was owned and operated by the Canadian PGA. Several veteran club pros from north of the border still maintain condos and property there.

The other direct Royal Oak tie to Canadian golf is to the late Moe Norman. The legendary Canadian ball striker used the club as his winter hangout for years. Not uncommon was it for Norman to spend countless hours at Royal Oak meeting and greeting friends around the putting green or hitting balls on the small range adjacent to the course’s opening hole.

A street next to the club’s resort, Moe Norman Court, was named in the Canadian Golf Hall of Famer’s honor in 2007.

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