Correction: the Mall owner has informed me that the new completion date is 2025

Titusville Resort & Destination will be a mixed-use redevelopment project encompassing 22 Acres, featuring retail, residential, medical offices and more.

According to the developments website, the property will have 340 garden-style Apartments with a club house, courtyard, pool, two restaurants and a parking structure along with a 7 story double-brand hotel with 153 rooms and observation deck on the north side of the property and 100,000sqft of Commercial Retail, Offices & Medical plaza facing Hopkins Ave.

Before construction can begin, the development must be approved by the States Land Planning Board, the Titusville Planning & Zoning Commission and the Titusville City Council.

Meetings are currently scheduled as follows:

Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting – Winter 2021-2022

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City Council Transmittal Meeting – Winter 2021-2022

City Council Public Meeting – Winter 2021-2022

The developments website gives a timeline for when the 3 phases of construction will start and what will be built during each phase

December 2021 through April 2022

East portion of the mall Demolition Period

  • Demolition permit and demolition of Sears and the Cinema and few of the other spaces to make room to build the Residential portion. This will not affect the mall operation.
  • Shoring up the East portion of the mall, so the rest of the mall can continue to function using two entrances only.
  • Pulling permit to build the Residential portion.

Phase 1: May 2022 through July 2023

Residential construction followed by Site Work

  • Site work for Residential portion
  • Building garden-style apartments
  • Building restaurants
  • Building the storm water retention
  • Landscaping the Residential portion and buffer zone
  • Selection of the existing and prospective tenants & signing leases
  • Completion of the construction of 340 residential units plus the three story parking structure and pre-leasing and reevaluation of the property for a refinancing

Phase 2: August 2023 to July of 2024

Demolition of the rest of the mall and Commercial construction followed by Site Work

  • Demolition of the rest of the mall
  • Site work for Commercial portion
  • Building the storm water retention including dry and wet ponds
  • Completion of the construction Commercial, Medical/Offices and Retail spaces
  • Occupancy of the spaces

Phase 3: August 2023 to July 2024

Building the 7 story hotel and 5,000sqft Restaurant

  • Construction of the hotel – to be selected
  • Double-brand hotel occupancy: June 2025

Grand Opening of all three phases is planned for AUGUST 2025

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