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Setting a Higher Standard for Water Quality

Last updated on August 26, 2021

Since late 2016, when it initiated a regular schedule of chlorine dosings for its water system, the City of Titusville has focused on maintaining the quality of its drinking water.A chlorine dosing is a common and approved maintenance practice used by water utilities, including Vero Beach, Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, Fort Lauderdale, Brevard County, Broward County, Pinellas County, and Pasco County, to ensure the quality of drinking water throughout a distribution system.

“Water chemistry is a lot more complex than people realize,” said Sean Stauffer, City of Titusville’s Water Resources Director. Mr. Stauffer explained that water in nature, whether in a lake or underground contains contaminants both from nature, itself, and from human activity. Microorganisms and bacteria are also naturally present or a result of human activity. Drinking water treatment includes not only filtering out contaminants but also disinfecting it to make it safe for consumption. Moreover, the water from the tap of the person who lives twenty minutes away from the treatment plant, needs to be just as safe as the water received by the person who lives next door to a treatment plant.

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To ensure that all its water consumers receive the highest quality drinking water possible is the reason Titusville began its series of chlorine dosings. Titusville’s usual water treatment process includes the use of chloramines (a combination of ammonia and chlorine). During a dosing, only chlorine is used.

While using chloramines can improve the taste and odor of drinking water, its use can lead to nitrification in a water distribution system. Nitrification can cause the disinfectant residual to degrade, making a system vulnerable to undesirable biological growth. Periodic, temporary use of free chlorine (a chlorine dosing) is one way to ensure Titusville’s drinking water remains safe for all its consumers.

Chlorine is a common drinking water disinfectant that some utilities use year around. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, chlorine has been used as a disinfectant in public water supplies for over one hundred years. Chloramines did not become popular until the late 1990’s as a way to improve taste and odor, increase the stability of a disinfectant residual, and decrease the production of disinfection byproducts.

Titusville’s current dosing began June 8 and is scheduled to be completed by July 6. The dosing is performedin compliance with all applicable Florida Department of Environmental Protection regulations. During the dosing, water quality is constantly monitored to ensure it meets regulated safety standards,and your water remains safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and other everyday uses.

Titusville water customers whohave questions or concerns about the dosing, can visit the Water Resources pages at http://www.titusville.com or call the Chlorine Dosing Hotline at (321) 567-3878.

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