In a recent Public Notice of Pollution issued by the Department of Environmental Protection, the City of Titusville disclosed an overflow incident at its wastewater treatment facilities due to the prolonged heavy rainfall on October 1, 2023.

The downpour led to a significant increase in flow rates at both Titusville Wastewater Treatment Plants, necessitating a diversion of effluent discharge to the Wetlands Treatment process situated at 4800 Deep Marsh Rd, Titusville, FL.

As the wetlands area absorbed the additional influx, water levels gradually rose throughout the following day, reaching a critical point of overflow at the Wetland discharge control box.

Consequently, treated Wetland effluent water began discharging onto the surrounding grounds and wooded areas late Sunday evening or Monday, lasting for an estimated period of 24 to 36 hours, with an average flow rate of 150 gallons per minute. This incident resulted in an approximate spill of 200,000 gallons of treated Wetland effluent.

The overflow was finally noticed on the morning of October 3, 2023, at 09:30 AM at the Wetland flow control box. Action was promptly taken at 10:30 AM to cease the overflow by redirecting the water into the Addison Canal.

However, in an effort to preserve the local habitat, no disinfection procedures were carried out in the affected area.

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  1. Ann Welly Revels Avatar
    Ann Welly Revels

    Why was this not noticed for 36 hours. It should have been anticipated and monitored

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