New test results indicate alarmingly high levels of fecal coliforms in Gemini Park, even as conditions seem to be improving at Scobie Park, where residents had previously raised concerns over a possible sewage leak.

This new data comes a month after residents raised concerns about a possible sewage leak at Scobie Park. As we reported previously, the park had been under scrutiny for its water quality, prompting city officials to conduct tests.

The latest data, shared by Fight4Zero Executive Director Stel Bailey, reveals MPN/100mL levels at 24,192 for fecal coliforms at Gemini Park. The same park also showed MPN/100mL levels at 9,208 for E.coli.

Meanwhile, Scobie Park demonstrated relatively lower levels, with MPN/100mL at 389 for fecal coliforms and 121 for E.coli.

a sign has been placed along the shoreline at Gemini Park

According to Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 62-302, surface water quality standards stipulate that for Class III waters, which include recreational water bodies, the acceptable level of fecal coliform should not exceed an MPN of 800/100mL based on a monthly average.

The data shows that the levels at Gemini Park are well beyond the acceptable range, requiring immediate attention.

In early August, residents had raised concerns about possible sewage leaks affecting Scobie Park. The city had conducted tests, but the latest results suggest an improvement in the condition of the water at this site.

The high levels at Gemini Park have ignited concerns among residents, especially those who use the park for recreational activities. City officials are yet to comment on the new findings or announce any remedial measures.

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