The upcoming Titusville City Council meeting has a full docket covering multiple topics. The council will consider approving the minutes of several past meetings, will hear updates from various departments and commissions, and make key decisions impacting the city’s infrastructure and services.

The Council is set to approve the minutes of the regular City Council meetings that occurred in March, April, and May, as well as a special Attorney-Client session held on May 31, 2023.

Under special recognitions and presentations, the Fire Department will provide an overview of the Green Belt Project aimed at optimizing apparatus repair. The Council will also receive a presentation on the Florida Live Local Act.

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Reports from the Titusville Environmental Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission are also on the docket. The council will consider the leave of absence requests from Jim Yount, a regular member of the Titusville Environmental Commission, for June, July, and August 2023, and John Rogers, an alternate member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, for July 2023.

The Council will also consider several important resolutions, including Resolution No. 15-2023 and a Subordination Agreement between FDOT and the City of Titusville, and an amendment to provide engineering consulting services for the Sisson Road Force Main Improvements.

Additional topics for discussion and approval include the transition of the Police Department to T-Mobile for all cellular services, designating Attorney Paul R. Gougelman as Special Magistrate, the acceptance of a Clean Vessel Act Grant, and an increase in hourly rate for legal services by Attorney Jeffrey E. Mandel and the firm of Fisher & Phillips.

A significant point in the meeting will be the second reading and public hearing concerning the Dairy Road Luxury Apartments. This involves the annexation, rezoning, and a small-scale comprehensive plan amendment. The public hearing was recommended for approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Council will also consider staff research into the city’s zoning regulations related to transitional housing, such as homeless, domestic violence, and emergency and protective shelters.

Finally, the Council is set to approve a contract for slip lining and manhole/lift station rehabilitations within the Osprey Water Reclamation Facility Service Area, and review and approve the FY2023-24 NBEDZ Budget annual expenditure of City funds.

Talk of Titusville will always be free to access.
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After the discussions and decision-making, the Mayor’s report and individual Council reports will conclude the meeting, followed by the City Manager’s and City Attorney’s reports.

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One thought on “Titusville City Council Meeting: Approvals, Updates, and Plans for Future”
  1. June 15, 2023

    To (by blind copy): Titusville Environmental Commission and Laurie Dargie
    From: Stan Johnston, PE 321-267-7343 or 321-607-0642
    Copy by blind copy to 100+: City Manager, Council, P&Z, CRA, Bd. of Adj. and Appeals, DRC, N. Brev. Parks & Rec., Water Resources, Parrish Hospital Bd. of Dir., FL TODAY, etc.

    Subject: Recognition of Sewage Spill Sept. – Oct. 2022

    Dear TEC, (and all readers):

    I submit the following request in compliance with the Titusville Environmental Commission (TEC) as requested at the TEC Meeting of June 14, 2023 as follows:

    Request: I request that the TEC: 1) recognize the presentation and photos that I presented and the witness by me, Laurilee Thompson, and others of the sewage spill into nine city streets September – October 2022 that is denied by City Manager and endorsed by City Council AND 2) request Council to recognize this sewage spill contrary to the denial by City Manager.

    The TEC voted to have this matter to be put on the following agenda to be discussed and voted upon at the next TEC meeting.

    I especially copy this email to City Manager Scott Larese and invite him to attend this TEC meeting.

    Thank you,

    Stan Johnston, PE

    Stan Johnston, PE #23316
    A Professional Civil Engineer since 1976
    Licensed by the State to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public
    860 Poinsettia Ave., Titusville FL 32796 (321) 267-7343 (cell: 321-607-0642)
    (All readers please send to me your comments and any errors to me at (Jn 1:5)

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