On Tuesday, the City Council of Titusville will convene to discuss various items on their meeting agenda.

Key topics include the North Brevard Library District Board report, the 2023 Red, White, and Boom! July 4th Celebration, and several contracts and work orders for public improvements.

The North Brevard Library District Board’s Semi-Annual written report is included in the agenda packet, but no action is requested at this time. Public petitions and requests will also be heard during the meeting.

The council will consider approving staff efforts to coordinate the 2023 Red, White, and Boom! July 4th Celebration and authorize the City Manager to put in place all necessary contracts. Additionally, the council will vote on awarding contracts for various stormwater maintenance and improvement projects, with an annual amount not to exceed $500,000.

They will also vote on awarding a bid to SDV Services LLC for the construction of three bench and shade stops at a cost of $69,000. The meeting agenda also includes a work order for a Marina Parking Analysis and Concept Design, with a total amount of $34,176.

Furthermore, the council will vote on a contract for the Blue Heron Pretreatment Structural Repairs project, which would cost $792,613.

Lastly, the council will discuss and potentially approve Resolution No. 14-2023, which amends the Adoption Agreements for the City of Titusville 401(a) Governmental Money Purchase Plan and the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan to allow participation by the City’s Elected Officials.

Read the Full Agenda Packet Below

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