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Manatee Rescued from Crab Trap in Cocoa

A manatee entangled in a crab trap in Brevard County was successfully rescued on Friday, thanks to the coordinated efforts of local wildlife officials and rescue organizations.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Brevard Zoo, and SeaWorld joined forces to free the distressed manatee near Cocoa.

Upon being rescued, the manatee was transported to Jacksonville Zoo for rehabilitation and monitoring. Officials from the FWC expressed relief and gratitude for the prompt response and collaboration of all parties involved in the rescue mission.

As spring arrives, manatees become more active, migrating throughout Florida’s waterways. This increased movement makes them more susceptible to encounters with fishing equipment, boats, and other potential hazards.

Wildlife officials urge the public to take precautions to help keep manatees safe during this time. Boaters are advised to follow posted speed limits, keep a watchful eye for manatees, and report any sightings of injured or distressed animals to the FWC.

Additionally, anglers are encouraged to properly dispose of fishing lines, nets, and other gear to prevent entanglement.

For more information on how you can help protect Florida’s manatees, visit the FWC’s website at [FWC website link].

Michael Lynch
Author: Michael Lynch

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