Below is the Titusville Police Departments Press release

“A violent chain of events has left a Motel employee dead, a suspect in critical condition, and an officer involved shooting investigation.

Shortly before 11AM on Wednesday November 16th, officers responded to a shooting at the Siesta Motel, 2006 South Washington Ave. Officers found an adult male shooting victim, who died a short time later. 

A description of the suspect and his vehicle was obtained from a witness. Within minutes, several officers spotted the suspect near his vehicle on Forest Rd. When officers moved in to detain the suspect, he raised his handgun and fired. A Titusville Police Officer discharged his firearm as well. Several witnesses describe seeing the suspect shoot himself in the head during this incident. The suspect was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

The preliminary investigation reveals that the adult male suspect had been staying in a room at the Siesta Motel. At some point, the suspect walked up to the Motel employee, who was sitting in a courtyard with a female employee, and shot him. The suspect then turned his gun on the female employee and attempted to shoot her as well. The handgun appeared to have jammed and the female was able to run away. The suspect then fled in his vehicle. A witness provided a strong description of the suspect and his vehicle. At this time, Investigators believe the suspect’s injury was self-inflicted.

The shooting on Forest Rd. involved both the suspect and an Officer discharging their firearms. No officers were injured. It remains a separate administrative investigation and all the evidence in the case will be released to the public upon its conclusion.

The shooting at the Motel remains a criminal investigation, the suspect is facing numerous charges. Any further information released, including the names of those involved, will be sent out in an updated news release at the appropriate time.”

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