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When will NASA’s SLS Core Stage be shipped to the Space Coast?

Last updated on September 1, 2021



If you’ve been following the space program recently then you would know that NASA recently fired their SLS core stage at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The core stage was held down to the B2 test stand and fired for a duration of 8 minutes. Watch below.


The core stage still sits on its test stand in Mississippi but has to be shipped from Stennis Space Center to the Kennedy Space Center to join the already stacked SRB’s (Solid Rocket Booster). Currently the date of shipment and arrival has not been set. We reached out to the Stennis Space Center to get comment on the current status of the core stage. Their response was “Refurbishment work is now underway on the stage before it is removed from the B-2 Test Stand and loaded for barge transport to Kennedy Space Center. However, no schedule has been set as yet for removal and loading of the stage for transport.”

As it stands now, NASA is still targeting the first launch of the SLS on Artemis 1 sometime this year. In order to meet that timeline a shipment of the core stage to the space coast should be in the near future. Stay up to date on the latest space news at spacetalk.live.

Michael Lynch
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