During a livestream today, Founders Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum introduced Space Perspective, a new #SpaceCoast company with plans to take humans to the edge of space, wonderfully slowly in a beautiful 360 degree windowed capsule named Neptune, to an altitude of 100,000 feet.

Space Perspective will lease building facilities at the Shuttle Landing Facility from Space Florida located on NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The capsule and balloon will also be launched, at first, from the Shuttle Landing Facility and also at Cecil Spaceport, another approved spaceport located in Jacksonville.

The capsule is mobile, making launching & landing anywhere in the world possible.

Space Perspective chose the Space Coast because it’s a peninsula !! This provides the versatility needed to be able to launch and really land ANYWHERE on Earth.

MacCallum said pricing per person would be “about half of what Virgin (Galictic) is selling now…in the ballpark of $125,000”

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The capsule will have a pilot station with 8 other seats

Space Perspective will also partner with NASA by doing wind & trajectory data for launches from the Space Coast.

Space Perspective will be partnering with Space for Humanity & other companies to bring people closer to space.

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