The City of Titusville Special Council meeting this week will focus on the following:

1. How many Regular City council meetings you would like to have in April. Our Charter says a minimum of 1 a month is required – Staff recommends having 1 meeting in April and determine at your May meeting if you would like to have an additional meeting in May or not.

2. Do you want to continue with the cancelation all advisory boards during April – Staff recommends canceling all advisory board meetings in April. During your May regular meeting you can direct restarting advisory board meetings.

3. How would you like to conduct your upcoming 14 Apr regular council meeting? Staff recommends three Councilmembers be physical present in the Chambers with the remaining two members calling into the meeting. We will socially distance the three physically on the dais, by spreading you all out and moving Richard, Wanda and me down at the tables on the floor of the Chambers. Staff will set up our City Hall lobby to accommodate up to 10 citizens separated appropriately seated on medal folding chairs. We’ll have plans in place should we have more than ten Citizens come for the meeting. Citizens will view the meeting on a large TV. They will be called to appear one at a time based on the cards filled should they want to address Council on any agenda items and/or petitions and requests of Council.

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The City of Titusville is following the Governor of Florida Executive Order 20-69 “Emergency Management – COVID -19 Local Government Public Meetings” and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for social distancing of crowds or congregations of 10 or more people ensuring, at a minimum, a 6-foot distance between any group of people. 

The following temporary procedures will be followed:

1. Only one member of the public will be allowed in the Council Chambers at a time to speak.

2.  Seating for those members of the public wishing to speak in the Council Chambers will be provided within City Hall in accordance with policies from federal, state and local health officials for social distancing and group gatherings.

3.  Individual speakers shall enter the Council Chambers when directed to do so and shall be heard in accordance with the City’s policies for public participation.

4. No tripods, easels, props, or other demonstration aides shall be permitted within the Council Chambers. Speakers are permitted to have a sign with them during their designated speaking time provided that the sign is held by the speaker and is to be removed at the conclusion of their speaking time.

5. Speakers who appear in person will be subject to screen for symptoms of COVID-19 and any persons exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter City Hall.

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