Titusville’s Water Conservation Program is offering an exciting opportunity for Titusville water customers this March. The program is called March Mulch Madness, and it aims to help customers increase their mulch footprint while providing them with an incentive to use mulch in their yards.

The initiative will award a $5 credit on the City of Titusville water bill for every 4 bags of plain pine bark mulch purchased between March 10 and March 31. Customers can receive a maximum credit of $15 for 12 bags. Using mulch in home landscaping helps retain moisture, control weeds, and reduce erosion and runoff from yards.

The rules for March Mulch Madness are available on the City of Titusville’s website. This program is exclusively for City of Titusville single-family residential water customers, and it is a limited time offer.

Participants must purchase at least 4 bags of plain pine bark mulch from the store of their choice, and the dated receipts for the items purchased must state “pine bark” or “bark.” Participants can then submit their receipts along with an application online, and all paperwork must be submitted by April 4, 2023.

Maureen Phillips, Titusville’s Water Conservation & Public Outreach Manager, encourages customers to participate in March Mulch Madness, stating that it is yet another way for water customers to save water in their yards. With this incentive, the program aims to encourage customers to find more ways to use mulch during their spring planting.

Phillips also notes that plain pine bark mulch is a great way to retain water in plant beds and reduce weeds, as it is long-lasting, does not leach chemicals like some other mulches, and is made from tree material that would otherwise be discarded.

For more information on March Mulch Madness, visit www.titusville.com/mulch or call 321-567-3865, option 5. This is a limited-time program, so customers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts

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