Bristol Development, a real estate development firm based in Tennessee, has filed an application with the City to change zoning on a 26 acre property to build a multi-family apartment community on Windover Way, near 50 & 95

The proposed development will feature 5, four-story multifamily buildings with a total of 280 units

The proposed development was also feature 4, two-story townhomes buildings totaling 24 units

The development will feature community amenities and associated parking facilities along with open spaces and three parking garages.

This development proposal will first go to the Planning & Zoning Committee on August 9 and then the first City Council meeting on August 13 with a second City Council meeting on August 27

3 responses to “New Multi-Family Development Proposed on Windover Way”

  1. Richard Price Avatar
    Richard Price

    Josh, You are poorly informed about the proposed zoning change at the east entrance to Windover Farms. The folks wanting to build two homes also wanted to rezone the lots to build many multifamily type buildings that would overtax the narrow county style street. This new proposed development would create a traffic mess at an intersection at highway 50 that has no room for expansion. That end of Windover Way is in Titusville city limits and is so poorly maintained that the street is crumbling with no shoulder that floods every time it rains. Build this wonderful community on the west side of I-95

  2. Cindy Parrott Avatar
    Cindy Parrott

    That will be very I interesting to see when the whole homeowners association from Windover shows up again. Get out the crying towels.

    1. Richard Price Avatar
      Richard Price

      I suggest that you visit that end of Windover Way and see what a disgusting mess it is of broken roads and mud. Then imagine several hundred people trying to get out of that neighborhood. The stat DOT won’t put a signal at that intersection. SO you’re forced to turn right and then make a U-turn if you want to go west. This is no place for a huge multi family condo neighborhood

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