Real Estate Developer, Flordevco Corp., based in Melbourne, FL, plans to develop a 79 acre property and is currently going through the rezoning process, which will change the current RU-1-11 to the proposed RU-1-7 zoning.

Current Zoning

Brevard County currently has the property listed on their website with a RU-1-11 zoning, which has to have a total lot size of at least 7,500sqft, having a width of not less than 75 feet and having a depth of not less than 75 feet, and a Minimum floor area of 1,300sqft of living area, and a Maximum height of structures is 35 feet.

Proposed Zoning

The proposed zoning for this development, RU-1-7, allows for homes with a total lot size at least 50ft wide and 100ft deep, and a Minimum floor area is 700 square feet of living area, with a Maximum height of structures is 35 feet.

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Concept Plan Render

The Brevard County Planning and Development Department will not accept an official site plan or development plat for review until the zoning and future land use designations for the property match the proposed use. We won’t see the official proposed site plan/plat for review until the rezoning is completed and approved.

The applicant for the rezoning submitted a conceptual plan for the property, pictured above. Please keep in mind that this plan is strictly conceptual, and the plans they submit for review may not look anything like the above concept plan.

What’s Next:

During a December 2nd meeting, the applicant requested to change the current zoning classification of RU-1-11 with two existing BDPs, Binding Development Plan, to RU-1-7.  The applicant has included an amendment to the existing BDPs with the application.  According to the applicant, the proposed BDP updates and carries forward the conditions within the two existing BDPs currently affecting the subject property.

The proposed BDP contains numerous limitations (e.g., caps development 198 units, 6,000 sq. ft. as the average minimum lot size, 1,800 sq. ft. minimum unit size, and several buffer requirements).

The property to the north of State Road – 46 is zoned TR-1 (Single-family Mobile home). The property lying east of this site is zoned RVP (Recreational Vehicle Park), RU-1-11 (Single-family residential), and GU (General Use). To the South are multiple parcels zoned EU-2 (Estate Use residential), SR (Suburban Residential), AU (Agricultural Residential), and SEU (Suburban Estate Use Residential).

The Board may wish to consider whether the requested rezoning action is consistent and compatible with the surrounding area and does these conditions in the proposed BDP mitigate the potential impacts.

Talk of Titusville will always be free to access.
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On November 15, 2021, the Planning & Zoning Board heard the request and unanimously recommended approval. During the hearing, the Applicant provided a revised BDP, below. Staff comment of this document is also provided below.

Once the Applicant has revised their plan, they must file it with the Planning and Development Department for a future meeting to approve the new plans.

The Applicant will likely also need to file for a Land Use Change request because of zoning in the immediate area.

Below are the last documents, the Binding Development Plan and the Staff’s recommendations.

Most Recent Binding Development Plan

Board Staff Comments of Proposed BDP

If you’d like to email our North Brevard County Commissioner, you can send her an email by clicking here or give her office a call by clicking here. Email would be preferred for documentation

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