A man led Kennedy Space Center police on a high-speed chase through the federal facility late last month, eventually crashing into a structure near a launch pad before being apprehended.

KSC confirmed Wednesday that on the last day of January, a man without appropriate credentials failed to obey police directions to make a U-turn and leave the property.

Once in the restricted area, police immediately began chasing the vehicle southbound on Kennedy Parkway at speeds up to 80 mph. The vehicle crashed through two gates before turning on a road that approached pad 39B, which is the northernmost launch complex.

The man finally crashed into a trailer near the pad’s entrance and was apprehended. Major pads like 39B and 39A have additional fences and gates. “Our security police units pursued the subject the entire time,” KSC told FLORIDA TODAY.

“He was taken into custody, issued several district court violation notices, and transported off center.”

Several media reports identified the man as 37-year-old Kenneth Hutchinson of Oak Hill, who was struck and killed by a train 10 days later in Volusia County. The sheriff’s office there said he did not realize a train was approaching until it was too late.

FLORIDA TODAY could not independently confirm those reports.

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