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Posts tagged as “SLS”

Mission Managers Give “Go” for Sept. 3 Launch of Artemis I

The countdown to launch has resumed, and the Artemis I mission management team met this afternoon to review the status of the operations and have given a “go” for a Sept. 3 launch attempt of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft.

Artemis I WDR Update: Countdown is Underway for Wet Dress Rehearsal

At 5:00 p.m. EDT, or L-45 hours, 40 minutes before the initial targeted test T-0, the launch team arrived at their stations inside the Launch Control Center at @NASAKennedy. The countdown is now underway for the wet dress rehearsal test for Artemis I.

Space Launch System: Countdown To Launch Or Breakdown

As NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) prepares to roll back to the pad for its next Wet Dress Rehearsal, concern grows for the rocket's success as time sensitive parts begin to age, but are they justified? Or are they misplaced?