North Brevard Community Foundation, Inc.

North Brevard Community Foundation, Inc. is registered with the State of Florida as a Non-Profit Corporation !!!!

This NonProfit was started with the goal to help address some of the concerns & issues facing the North Brevard Community, to bring together regular people in the community that want to see our area become a little bit better.

The Mission & Purpose of North Brevard Community Foundation:

  • to educate & inform North Brevard residents on the issues that face our community as a whole
  • to help build relationships throughout the community as a whole
  • to help residents financially & mentally with current issues they’re facing
  • to help provide for our North Brevard Community as a whole
  • to help those who want to help others

The Beginning ??

The goal of North Brevard Community Foundation is to have a Community Center, a building, where anyone can come relax, play games, find resources, have a place to sleep or just get away for a little bit.

I believe a Community Center that offers a place to hang out, help people find state / federal resources, a place for someone to get something to eat or maybe we can offer a Safe Place for runaways or someone living in their vehicle.

But first…. I want to see if the You, the Community wants something like this Community Center.

I want to fundraise the $600 it costs to file the IRS Form 1023, which makes an entity a tax-exempt organization, making donations tax deductible if you decide to support this venture.

This goal of a Community Center is something I see as a little solution to the larger issue facing our area. I hope that the Community as a whole would also support this idea and help us fund our way to making this Community Center a reality

What’s that image of that building in the post ??

The photo in the post is a building currently, as of April 23rd, 2022, for sale for just under a million dollars. With a tax-exemption, the chance of getting this particular building will be a little bit better.

But for right now…..

If you’d like to donate towards NBCF getting our IRS form filed, click here to head over to GoFundMe’s website.

If you would want to be involved with NBCF as a volunteer, board member or a sponsor, please let me know in the contact form below