Service for reclaimed water customers has been fully restored following a leak in the transmission main, according to a statement by the City of Titusville Water Resources Department.

Crews worked diligently to address the issue and have successfully repaired the leak. Residents dependent on the reclaimed water service can now return to their usual routines, following an interruption in the service due to this unforeseen event. The department extended its gratitude to the community for its cooperation during the service outage.

Despite the restoration of the reclaimed water service, the department issued a reminder for all users to continue adhering to the established irrigation restrictions, particularly during this period of the year. These restrictions permit irrigation only twice a week, serving to conserve water and preserve the local ecosystem.

The department emphasized that irrigation should serve to supplement normal rainfall rather than replace it. This guideline helps in maintaining a sustainable water cycle and reduces stress on the city’s water resources, especially during the dry season.

Titusville’s Water Resources Department also encouraged its residents to visit their website for information on making yards more sustainable and drought-tolerant, which is an integral part of the state’s broader push towards environmental sustainability. The department’s web pages provide various insights and guidelines on Florida-Friendly landscaping.

This sustainable landscaping strategy includes nine principles that can significantly reduce water usage and promote environmental health, such as planting the right plants in the right places, efficient watering, and appropriate fertilization. It encourages residents to create home landscapes that are in sync with Florida’s unique environmental conditions, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient community.

The City of Titusville continues to demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship, urging citizens to partake in sustainable practices and mindful water use. As the reclaimed water service is fully operational again, residents are reminded of their crucial role in helping to maintain the balance of our shared natural resources.

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