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Brevard County Sheriff Warns of Telephone Scams Targeting Seniors, Urges Community Vigilance

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey has issued a warning about a recent surge in telephone scams targeting seniors.


The scammers claim to be law enforcement officers or attorneys, informing their intended victims that a relative is in trouble and requires a large sum of money for assistance.

Graphic by Sheriff Wayne Ivey

To appear more convincing, the scammer provides some personal information about the relatives and arranges for a courier or rideshare service to collect the money from the victim’s home.

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Despite the suspicious nature of these calls, many seniors across the country have fallen victim to this scam, losing significant sums of money.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office urges residents to be vigilant and to spread awareness about these scams, particularly among senior citizens who are frequently targeted by such unscrupulous individuals.

It is important to remember that legitimate law enforcement officers and court officials would never contact individuals in this manner or request a courier to collect money.

To avoid falling victim to telephone scams, Sheriff Ivey recommends using answering machines or voicemail to screen calls from unknown numbers. If a suspicious call is received, the recipient should hang up immediately and contact their local law enforcement agency.

Sheriff Ivey emphasizes the importance of community involvement in crime prevention, urging residents to share this information and work together to maintain Brevard County as a safe place to live.

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