The children’s book Ticket to Space actually has a ticket to space. This colorful story book has been selected by Story Time From Space (STFS), a nonprofit education project that sends children’s books to the International Space Station.

It will be read aloud by an astronaut to young children around the world. STFS strives to choose books that encourage interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for young minds.

Ticket to Space is the story of a little upstart rocket named Gus, whose dream of reaching space takes readers on a historical journey through America’s space travel adventures, from the Mercury rockets of the 1960s right up to today, when buying a ticket to go into space is possible.

Written by Titusville-based author Adrienne Romberger on her first venture into children’s literature, Ticket to Space was published in September 2021. Her life experiences as a public relations writer, a graphic artist, a teacher of over 20 years, and a tour guide at the Kennedy Space Center culminated into writing and illustrating this rhyming and charming story about achieving your dreams against all odds.

“I’ve called Florida my home since I was a kid. I followed the Space Race with great interest and enthusiasm since my grandmother told me in 1958 that someday I could go to space,” said Romberger. “I believed her, even though at that time no humans had traveled to space yet. I watched, from the shore of Titusville, both Apollo and Shuttle missions lift off from pad 39A. Here I am, over 60 years later, with my first published book about to be launched from the Kennedy Space Center. So, in the end, Grandma was right!”

Ticket to Space will launch on the SpaceX Crew 6 mission. It is currently scheduled for liftoff on
February 26, 2023, from the Kennedy Space Center… pad 39A.

Ticket to Space is available on Amazon

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