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Culver’s Update: January 31, 2023

A Development Review Committee meeting is scheduled for today at 2pm, where city staff will discuss two waivers for the site located at 2855 Cheney Hwy to construct a new Culver’s restaurant.

The first waiver is to bypass the maximum parking space count established by the City’s Transportation Infrastructure Technical Design Manual Chapter 9, and the second for reducing minimum parking space dimensions.

The applicant has requested a waiver for 51 total parking spaces instead of the allowed 30, and has indicated that they will be utilizing 4,744 square feet of permeable pavers as an Low Intesity Development, (LID), technique and is an LID incentive for parking count flexibility

They have also requested a waiver to reduce parking space dimensions to nine feet wide instead of ten

The DRC shall review staff comments regarding physical development constraints on the property in order to implement code provisions to their fullest extent possible, and must consider criteria for waivers as specified by Sec. 34-288 before making a decision on approval or denial by majority vote. Any appeals may be heard by the Board of Adjustment and Appeals within 30 days after DRC’s decision has been rendered.

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