The Brevard state attorneys office has dropped a first-degree murder charge against Cory Ward, who was arrested August 23rd for the murder of Tommy Brothers from Mims

Cory ward was initially charged with first-degree murder an armed robbery related to the death of Tommy Brothers, a 21 year old Mims resident

Todd Brown, a spokesperson for the state attorneys office said the initial investigation, completed by the Brevard County sheriffs office, was “hampered by not only the refusal to cooperate by warrant, but the conflicting and false statements of his accomplices”

According to the arrest affidavit, Brothers met at Wards car where two other people were waiting. The affidavit says Ward searched Brothers for a weapon before getting back into the car to buy cannabis.

The affidavit said brothers had a gun hidden in a bag and attempted to rob Ward

Ward then shot Brothers and fled

The affidavit said deputies apprehended the vehicle a few miles from the scene of the shooting and found a firearm, a crown royal bag and an Amazon box that contained drugs

Brown said witnesses of the incident misrepresented the situation and provided a misleading cell phone video though he did not specify what the video was. He said witnesses removed brothers firearm before deputies arrived

The state determined there was not enough evidence to prove Ward had committed murder and “overcome his expected argument of acting in self-defense”

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Brown said the state attorney‘s office would pursue charges against clubs any others who committed criminal violations in connection with these crimes”

Brown did not say if the other two people in the vehicle with Ward had been charged

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