PSJ Development, Cedar Lake, proposes 144-unit mobile home community

A South Florida property owner filed plans back in February this year with the St. John River Water Management District for a 140+ unit manufactured home community on a 50 acre piece of wooded land.

A SJRWMD employee told me today that they have issued a Request for Additional Information (RAI) to the owner/consultant and SJRWMD staff is waiting on a response. The Applicant has 90-days to respond to an RAI.

The RAI was in regards to comments on the engineering plans and some issues with a missing archaeological and historical properties survey required for the development.

Once the owner addresses those comments and other issues, they will send the resolved plans back to the SJWRMD once again to review them and if everything looks good, they will issues the required permits, allowing the developer to proceed will the development.

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Below is a PDF version of the current plans for the development

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