Restaurateur bringing New Pizzeria to Titusville and renovations for a bar and grill in PSJ

Local Restauranteur Keylur Patel is opening Piezano Pizzeria, a full-service, take-out and delivery pizza joint that should be opening up sometime next month.

They are working on the interior, installing floors and painting, so they can move their equipment soon.

Expect to find the new pizzeria at 2400 S Hopkins Ave at the southern end of the plaza

Keyur Patel on Tuesday confirmed a plan review that was approved with provisions on March 14. The review was for general renovations of the floors and ceiling of Jabbar Bar and Grill on 4365 Grissom Parkway.

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Patel shared that they hope to begin the work as early as next week, but he is unsure if they will receive all the materials needed in time. Once they get the material, they will close down. The renovations should only take about three days.

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