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Titusville Woman arrested for Overdose Deaths

Last updated on January 27, 2022

On July 18th 2021, the Titusville Police Department received a call in reference to two individuals that were found deceased from a possible overdose in an apartment in the Camelot Estates complex off Harrison Avenue

Brandi Vessels agreed to talk with officers and gave them a interview about what happened to her son, Austin Vessels and his friend, Matthew Taylor.

Vessels told Police that she was partying with her son that night at her apartment and says that her son asked her to buy some cocaine. She said she called a friend she used to know in the past to schedule the transaction.

Vessels told investigators that she purchased an “8-ball” of what she believed to be cocaine for $300. Vessels then said she brought the drugs back to her son. Vessels said she tested to drugs by “rubbing it on her teeth” and that it made her teeth numb, making her believe it was cocaine.

Vessels said she should have known there was something else mixed in the drugs because the normal price for an “8-ball” was $250, not $300.

Vessels said that once she brought the narcotic back to her son, he called his friend Matthew Taylor and they both went back to Austin’s apartment across the complex. Vessels told police that she texted her son, saying he could at least have given her a line of the drugs since she got it for them.

Vessels said that when Austin and Matthew left her residence, she started texting them and did not receive an answer, and said she even walked over to the Austin’s apartment to check on them but never received a response.

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Both Austin Vessels and Matthew Taylor were found deceased the next morning by Austin’s father, who came to get his son for work.

Investigators found a white powdery substance and said it was tested by the lab at Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The powdery substance tested positive for fentanyl.

Talk of Titusville will always be free to access.
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The Medical Examiner report stated the cause of death for the Austin Vessels was cocaine and fentanyl toxicity. The report stated the cause of death for Matthew Taylor was Ethanol and Fentanyl toxicity.

Brandi Vessels is charged with 1 count of Second Degree Murder, a First Degree Felony punishable by Life, and is being held in the Brevard County Jail on a No Bond status

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