COMING SOON – Double O’s Coffee

A site plan has been approved for Double O’s Coffee located at 405 Garden Street. The project will now move to City Council for approval.

Double O’s Coffee is expected to open a drive-thru, serving coffee, hot and cold specialty drinks — including “milkshake-infused expresso” and their own energy drink, “Riptides” — later this year, at the location at the old Gate gas station on Garden Street

Company owner and founder, Colby O’Brien, said they have five properties currently under development and the company’s main goal is to open franchises — quickly. “We hope to have 500 franchises in development in the next six years,” he said.

Double O’s Menu from their website

Will they look like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts?

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They will be much smaller, O’Brien said, and they will be beach-branded and beach-themed. But they will use much the same brewing equipment. Company President Eduardo Heredia has a lot of coffee experience, having worked for Scooter’s Coffee and Starbucks.

O’Brien, a 20-year-old Rollins College student, says the company has acquired five sites on which to build corporate-owned stores. After the East Colonial Drive, the company hopes to open in either Apopka or Titusville, Bradenton, Las Vegas and Cocoa Beach.

This first location will have an attached boardroom in which potential franchisees can see exactly what their 640-sq. ft. Orlando location will look like and how it will work. They will all be the same, O’Brien, a business management major, said.

He also said the company — he is in business with his father, Kurt O’Brien (hence the Double O’s) — will serve as an incubator with entrepreneurial programs to help its employees get their own franchises.

They have chosen Joffrey’s Coffee in Tampa, which supplies Disney World’s coffee, to supply their beans. They will use Italian roast for their expresso, he said.

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