Tuesday City Council Meeting to Review Tree Ordinance

City Council Tree Protection Workshop

Tonight, at 6:30pm at City Hall, a Special City Council Meeting will provide Council an opportunity to review the recommendations of the Titusville Environmental Commission, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the public in regard to the Tree Protection Ordinance. Full Ordinance

The current code allows developers to remove 90% of the vegetation in new developments.

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The Tree Protection Ordinance will require new residential developments to preserve a percentage of the development in the tree canopy. This percentage could be 15% or 25%, based upon Council’s decision, with additional plantings to 25% or 30%.

The City Council has a choice of three versions of the ordinance to approve, each with different degrees of protection for trees.

Read all of the Ordinances below

A City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 10, 6:30, will consider approval of the Tree Protection Ordinance.

The public can also send emails to the Mayor & Councilmembers

Mayor Diesel at: Dan.Diesel@titusville.com

Vice Mayor JoLynn.Nelson@titusville.com

Councilmember: Robert.Jordan@titusville.com;

Councilmember: Joe.Robinson@titusville.com

Councilmember: Sarah.Stoeckel@titusville.com

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