City Council Approves Expanding Zoning to allow Future Brewery Locations

Titusville City Council has approved updating where craft breweries & craft distilleries are able to be located with the city limits. The move can increase business options and draw people to the area, city leaders say

Ordinance No. 15-2021, approved Tuesday night, expands the zoning areas where a brewery could exist. It expands to zoning with the designations of Tourist, Community Commercial, Downtown Mixed Use, Shoreline Mixed Use, Regional Mixed Use and Urban Village. The ordinance also allows for conditional use if a brewpub is located within 100 feet of property zoned residential.

The change, effective immediately, opens opportunities for economic development.

“So, there’s a big interest in redevelopment, and I think part of that is, ‘what other businesses can I include as part of that?’ And one of them is being a brewpub,” Parrish told Spectrum News

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“The state has paved a new trail that ends into Main Street, and it’s one portion of a trail that will include the ability for someone to be able to ride their bike all the way to St. Petersburg,” Parrish said.

“We’ll have another trail going east toward Merritt Island Refuge and then another one going south that you can, long-term plan, ultimately ride your bike all the way down to Key West.”

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