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June 7th: the Latest Talk of Titusville

Last updated on September 1, 2021

Titusville has been getting back to normal these past months and I’m sooooo Happy to see it !!

SpaceX seems to launch a rocket every week, local businesses are opening back up to residents and more businesses, homes and people are coming to Titusville, making it a truly exciting time to be a part of Titusville.

I want to start doing these weekly posts, discussing the newest things happening in the Titusville area.

Should I do video, also ??

Here’s the Latest Talk of Titusville: June 7th, 2021

Rocket Launches in June

With SpaceX launching a rocket almost every week, the space industry in heating up

Here’s an overview of the five launches planned from Cape Canaveral next month:

June 3 at 1:29pm EDT: Falcon 9/CRS-22 from pad 39A

June 6 at 12:25-2:26am EDT: Falcon 9/SXM 8 from pad 40

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June 17 at 6:00-9:00pm EDT: Falcon 9/GPS 3-5 from pad 40

June 23: Atlas 5/STP-3 from pad 41

Late June: Falcon 9/Transporter 2 from pad 40


Current Projects in Titusville

With the increase of space-related companies moving to the #SpaceCoast, it has called for an increased need for homes for those new workers & residents.

There are currently 10+ major housing developments in the process or currently being built. From 50+ home subdivisions to 100+ condominium buildings, Titusville is growing

Newest Developments in Titusville

Love’s / Hardee’s Updates

A new and welcome addition to the area is the new Love’s Truck Stop with Hardee’s.

Workers have been putting the finishing touches on the facility as well as hiring and training the new employees. As with every service-related business right now, employees are hard to find.

A Love’s Representative tells me they plan on opening in July, yet an opening date has not yet been announced.


A New Pier in Downtown ??

Back in May, the City Council was seeking to approve $90,000 for design of a new pier that would connect the Gemini Park with the Veteran’s Memorial Park.

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Personal Note:

You may or may not have noticed a decrease in posts in the past weeks. I accepted a full-time job that has been helping me pay to keep theTalkofTitusville.com up & running and helping pay my bills.

I have been trying to keep updated on everything going on in town but between working overnights & sleeping during the day, my schedule has got all messed up. As local business owners transition into getting more workers & getting back to normal, I will be able to eventually quite this temp. overnight job & get back to focusing on the Talk of Titusville full-time.

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Michael Lynch
Author: Michael Lynch

Raised on the Space Coast, I want to keep North Brevard informed of what's happening. Send Tips / Story Ideas to TitusvilleMedia@gmail.com

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