In September 2020, the City of Titusville tasked Taylor Engineering with completing a feasibility study to evaluate the construction of a concrete walkway between Space View Park and Veterans Memorial Park.

Taylor developed two conceptual and design alternatives and presented the conceptual designs at the February Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Meeting. The CRA selected Concept 1 (pictured below) during the meeting as the basis for the final design of the walkway.

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The City requested Taylor provide this proposal for final engineering design and permitting of the concrete walkway.

On February 9, 2021, Taylor Engineering presented the concept for the project. Following the presentation staff asked Taylor Engineering to prepare a proposal to complete the final design of the project.

Taylor Engineering intends to complete the project on the timeline outlined below

The Community Redevelopment Agency recommends the City Council approve the award of contract for the Final Design for the downtown riverfront walkway project in the amount of $92,833.36

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