The City is currently in the process of resurfacing many streets within city limits. The City has allocated funds from the city’s General Fund to improve certain roads.

A representative with Masci General Contrators, the company in charge of the resurfacing projects, gave me a completion date of end of July for the streets listed below

The following roads are scheduled to be resurfaced starting this summer.

Funding for the roads listed above are coming from the Community Development Block Grand (CDBG) Fund

At the City Council Meeting on May 11th, The City is also recommending approval of an additional 3.61 miles of streets to be resurfaced, and the paving of .46 miles of dirt streets, listed below

During the midyear budget review on April 20, 2021 the City Council approved the allocation of an additional $462,000 to resurfacing and $176,000 for paving of dirt streets.

The balance of the proposed change order will be funded by existing annual resurfacing projects

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