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Crew 2 Launch Delayed Until Friday

Last updated on September 1, 2021

This morning we are learning that the Crew 2 launch originally scheduled for liftoff on Thursday at 6:11 AM EDT has slipped its window until Friday. During this morning’s weather brief, it was unanimously decided that the weather up the eastern seaboard was not favorable for launch. The reason they have to look at the weather up the eastern seaboard is in case of an inflight abort. Want to know more about the launch timeline read the article below.


NASA and Space X are set to launch 4 astronauts on April 22 at 6:11 AM EDT. Today the Space X teams performed a static fire on Falcon 9 for 12 seconds and it was a success – a big milestone towards launch on Thursday. Listed below are the important timelines for launch.

11:30 PM EDT Crew Awakes.

T-04:15:00 Crew Weather Breifing

T-04:05:00 Crew Handoff

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T-04:00:00 Suit Donning and Checkouts

T-03:22:00 Crew Walks Out Of Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building.

T-03:15:00 Crew Transportation to Launch Complex 39A

T-02:55:00 Crew Arrives At Pad

T-02:35:00 Crew Ingress

T-02:20:00 Communications Check

T-02:15:00 Verify Ready For Seat Rotation

T-01:55:00 Hatch Closed

T-00:45:00 Space X Launch Director Verifies Go For Propellant Loading

T-00:42:00 Crew Acess Arm Retacrt

T-00:37:00 Dragon Launch Escape System Is Armend

T-00:35:00 1st Stage LOX Loading Begins

T-00:16:00 2nd Stage Lox Loading Begins

T-00:07:00 Falcon 9 Begins Engine Chill Before Launch

T-00:05:00 Dragon Transitions To Internal Power

T-00:01:00 Command Flight Computers To Begin Final Pre-Launch Checks

T-00:01:00 Propellant Tank Pressurization To Flight Pressure Begins

T-00:00:45 Space X Launch Director Verifies Go For Launch

T-00:00:03 Engine Controller Commands Engine Ignition Sequence Starts

T-00:00:00 Falcon 9 Liftoffs From LC-39A

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