NASA and Space X are set to launch 4 astronauts on April 22 at 6:11 AM EDT. Today the Space X teams performed a static fire on Falcon 9 for 12 seconds and it was a success – a big milestone towards launch on Thursday. Listed below are the important timelines for launch.

11:30 PM EDT Crew Awakes.

T-04:15:00 Crew Weather Breifing

T-04:05:00 Crew Handoff

T-04:00:00 Suit Donning and Checkouts

T-03:22:00 Crew Walks Out Of Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building.

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T-03:15:00 Crew Transportation to Launch Complex 39A

T-02:55:00 Crew Arrives At Pad

T-02:35:00 Crew Ingress

T-02:20:00 Communications Check

T-02:15:00 Verify Ready For Seat Rotation

T-01:55:00 Hatch Closed

T-00:45:00 Space X Launch Director Verifies Go For Propellant Loading

T-00:42:00 Crew Acess Arm Retacrt

T-00:37:00 Dragon Launch Escape System Is Armend

T-00:35:00 1st Stage LOX Loading Begins

T-00:16:00 2nd Stage Lox Loading Begins

T-00:07:00 Falcon 9 Begins Engine Chill Before Launch

T-00:05:00 Dragon Transitions To Internal Power

T-00:01:00 Command Flight Computers To Begin Final Pre-Launch Checks

T-00:01:00 Propellant Tank Pressurization To Flight Pressure Begins

T-00:00:45 Space X Launch Director Verifies Go For Launch

T-00:00:03 Engine Controller Commands Engine Ignition Sequence Starts

T-00:00:00 Falcon 9 Liftoffs From LC-39A

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