Police say a Brevard County man’s scheme to make quick cash by selling stolen copper wire was foiled Monday when a sale was traced back to him.

Officials with the Florida Power and Lights plant in Merritt Island reported someone cut a hole in their chain link fence and removed 15,665 feet of copper wire on Dec. 2, a police report states. The theft was estimated to be about $8,752 worth of copper.

Later that afternoon, the culprit, later identified as Seddrick Brown, sold around 2,000 pounds of copper to ATM Recycling at 4475 South St. in Titusville. During the transaction, Brown provided his identification card, a thumbprint and a signature certifying he was the lawful owner of the copper he was selling, police say. Brown got $4,719.60 for the sale.

During the investigation, the copper was later traced back to the FPL plant. The recycling company told authorities Brown had made several transactions there and was seen transporting copper metals in a green Nissan SUV, according to the arrest report.

Police learned that over two months, Brown sold around 11,000 pounds of copper metals and made $20,697.45 off of sales.

Authorities said during the course of the investigation there were other burglaries reported at FPL plants in Brevard County consistent with the amount Brown had sold.

The 29-year-old is now being held in the Brevard County Jail on no bond. Brown is facing grand theft larceny and burglary charges

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