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Mayor Walt Johnson Issues Fourth Letter to Citizens of Titusville Regarding COVID-19

Last updated on August 26, 2021

A Fourth Open Letter from Mayor Walt Johnson to the Citizens of Titusville

Citizens of Titusville,

Over the past three and a half months, our Titusville community stepped up and vigorously fought this virus by following the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. I understand that because of the business closures our economy has taken a significant hit. Some will debate that these actions were a decision between lives and livelihoods. The result of our actions collectively we flattened the curve of positive cases which helped our hospitals from being overwhelmed and saved the lives of countless individuals.

Because of the steady decline of COVID-19 positive cases, Governor DeSantis moved to reopen our state by ordering the Safe, Smart, and Step-by-Step reopening strategy for our businesses to get back to work. It is unfortunate that after several weeks of the gradual business reopening even with taking the necessary safety precautions, there has been an increase in the number of positive cases in our area.

This week, Brevard County alone experienced a major uptick in COVID-19 positive cases. Yesterday, June 23rd Brevard County experienced the largest single day of positive cases totaling 107. The day previous to this alarming number, there were 43 positive cases. Ten days ago, Brevard County had a total of 8 positive cases.

We need to come together once again to reverse this disturbing trend so we can reclaim our normal lives again.  You are probably tired of hearing the now familiar phrases of social distancing and physical separating, keeping 6 feet apart. You may feel like a child hearing wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Finally, that voice in the back of your mind that says take extra precautions in public by wearing a facial covering or protective mask.

The virus remains with us and infections are on the rise. So please Titusville, we all need to take these precautions seriously or we could reach a point where we will have to return to sheltering at home again.

I ask you to please continue to be patient and continue to follow these CDC guidelines. It may take months before we can declare a victory over this disease. We are all waiting, hoping, and praying to reclaim our normal lives again.


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Walt Johnson

Michael Lynch
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