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Three Titusville firefighters have tested positive for COVID-19

Last updated on August 26, 2021

Three Titusville firefighters have tested positive for coronavirus and health officials continue to investigate how they contracted COVID-19. 

None of the three firefighters experienced severe illness or required hospitalization, according to Battalion Chief Greg Sutton with Titusville Fire Department. 

One of the three has already been medically cleared and has returned to work while the other two only recently tested positive and are doing well, he said. Sutton could not provide an exact return date for those two firefighters. 

“As soon as they became symptomatic they were told to self-isolate at home,” Sutton said. “We worked in concert with our medical director to secure testing.”

Sutton said the fire department so far has been unsuccessful in determining just how the firefighters contracted the virus. 

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“We cannot confirm or find a source or if they came in contact with a patient who we know was positive,” Sutton said.

“It’s a possibility but we can’t trace it to any particular call that we know had a positive.” 

First responders are among those who cannot fully seal themselves off from exposure to coronavirus as they work to provide emergency care to those who cannot make it to a hospital. 

According to an internal county document, Brevard County Fire Rescue officials were working to determine how many of their firefighters may have come into contact with the Titusville personnel. BCFR continues to routinely sanitize all of their vehicles and equipment.

This article first appeared on Florida Today 

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